Professional Liability - Medical

Since 1997, G&P | SCHICK through its founder and principal, Malcolm Schick and its attorneys, has devoted substantial efforts and knowledge to defending doctors, specialists, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities in medical negligence claims. Over the years, G&P | SCHICK has represented physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other medical professionals against allegations of medical negligence. Such representation has included the defense of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and private medical practices, including cosmetic surgery practices, blood banks, physical therapists, and prosthetic device providers. In providing such defense, G & P | SCHICK takes into consideration the repercussions associated with claims of medical negligence, including the implications on the professional’s reputation, licensure, and privileges. 
G&P | SCHICK is also cognizant of the insurance implications associated with the settlement of such claims.

G&P | SCHICK recognizes the prudent practice alone does not protect a professional from a lawsuit. Often plaintiff’s equate less than perfect outcomes with fault on the part of the medical professionals involved. Dealing with claims of medical negligence, as with any business decision, requires the employment of thorough investigation, expert consultation, and sound judgment. At G&P | SCHICK, our team of attorneys assist each client in developing a detailed assessment of the potential risks of litigation. In doing so we work closely with each client to determine the most appropriate strategy to be employed, given the situation and the liability exposure presented.