Professional Staff

At G&P | SCHICK we are dedicated to our people and believe our employees are the heart of soul of the firm. We emphasize the importance of hiring, developing and retaining high-quality individuals that are driven to make a positive impact at the firm. 

We are able to do this by creating and maintaining competitive programs while fostering a company culture that promotes diversity, respect, services, growth and recognition. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities to enhance our employees’ skills, so that they may further their careers and achieve their goals. We look for individuals that are self-motivated, dedicated to providing value and superior and, above all people who have a high degree of integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm for their work.

Our staff finds challenging opportunities in a stimulating, supportive environment that encourages teamwork, fosters open communication and recognizes and rewards exceptional performance.      

The firm offers full-time employees a wealth of benefits from insurance (including medical, dental, COBRA, life, workers' compensation, state disability and paid family leave) to 401K and profit-sharing plans, and also provides paid sick leave, vacation, holidays, casual days and parking.