Intern Program

Our intern associate program is an integral part of our hiring process and the primary source for identifying qualified candidates for first-year associate positions. In fact, in 2011 we made employment offers to 2 of our 4 intern associates. At G&P|SCHICK we strive to give our intern associates the opportunity to develop in areas about which you feel passionate.

Our firm is committed to help cultivate your excellence and develop your leadership with clients, colleagues and in your community. And you will enjoy a culture that focuses on not just on meeting clients’ priorities, but elevating their expectations - creating a better experience for both the client and the team member.

Intern associates gain an accurate picture of what it means to be a lawyer at G&P|SCHICK and have substantive legal opportunities, such as participating in client conferences, trials, depositions and hearings, preparing pleadings, contracts, memoranda and other legal documents. Conducting legal research and working directly with partners and helping with pro bono work. Your work will be a mix of projects you choose and others that are assigned. “I had a well-rounded Intern experience,” says 2010 intern associate Patricia DeSantis, University of Notre Dame Law School, “As an intern I got a real taste of work as an associate. My daily work would vary from legal research, to interviewing clients and witnesses, to evaluating discovery, to analyzing damages. Other days, I would be out of the office at attorney meetings, depositions, Mediations or various court hearings. It was really great receiving direction and feedback from senior attorneys and partners throughout the process so I could develop my skills though out my internship. I became a part of the team.”